Why I’m coming to EC²—Guest post by Paige Buck

I’m looking forward to EventCamp East Coast next week, and to meeting all of you. Here’s why I’m coming to EC² (all the way from San Francisco!)

  • There’s no EventCamp West Coast (yet).
  • I get energized by the ideas, learning and best practices of others.
  • At Craigslist Foundation, I’m seeking ways to engage neighbors and citizens in cross-sector dialogues about community building – The EventCamp model could be one solution, and I’ll get to see it in action.
  • Adrian’s Conferences That Work model offers a new way of learning and engaging people in meetings and conferences. Everyone who attends will receive a copy, and it’s a must-read for planners in our field.
  • It gives me a chance to explore event venues in Philadelphia, and learn about the city from some of you. Philadelphia is one place we may bring a Craigslist Foundation community camp in 2011.
  • I know I’m going to learn a lot from fellow conference, meeting and event planners.
  • We all get to set and shape what we get out of our time at EventCamp. How cool is that?
  • EventCamp acknowledges that I’m an expert, and so are you, and we will learn from one another. That’s empowering (and maybe make me a little nervous, but very excited).
  • Despite new ways to work, technology and social media can make us feel more isolated. Getting together with people with common goals, interests and challenges builds community!

I’m surrounded by micro-communities at Craigslist Foundation – nonprofit leaders, fundraising experts, good government folks – and I need to make an effort to surround myself with event and conference practitioners, too.

Paige Buck is the Director of Conferences and Camps at the Craigslist Foundation. She’s  responsible for the organizations’s signature event, Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp, and she’s expanding the foundation’s events to two new US cities in 2011. She joined the foundation in 2009 after seven years at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce—producing cross-sector conferences, workshops and major fundraising events—and later for the Chamber’s workforce development arm. She has been directing conferences and events for more than ten years, including massive community projects such as the Mill Valley Film Festival and San Francisco Bay to Breakers.

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