Upon registration each attendee will receive their own discount code to share with friends and colleagues for $20 off. For every person who registers using your code, you will receive a $20 refund. For every four people who register your name will be entered to win a full conference refund! So register now and spread the word!

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Full Pass:  This option includes the full conference pass, overnight accommodations at The National Conference Center for Friday and Saturday nights, and all meals from dinner on Friday night through lunch on Sunday.

Day Pass:  This option includes the full conference for Friday through Sunday, Dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Satuday and lunch on Sunday.  It does not include overnight accommodations at the National Conference Center.

NOTE:  Last year local attendees who opted not to stay over-night overwhelmingly regretted their decision.  The felt they missed out on so much of the comraderie by having to drive back and forth.  For just $175 more you can get two nights accommodation!

Early Adopter    (to 9/23) Regular Late (10/22)
Full Pass: $375.00 $425.00 $475
Day Pass: $200.00 $250.00 $300

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If you require an additional night accommodation either on Thursday night or Sunday night please contact Traci Browne at 215.635.3016