Going Mobile

EventCamp East Coast is incorporating mobile into our event in two different ways.  We want attendees to get a taste of technology available to them by test driving it our event.  Our mobile applications are made available via our event sponsors, a2z Inc. and PWPMobile.

Event iPhone and web app by a2z Inc.
Mobile text updates by PWPMobile.com 

Mobile Text Updates: PWPMobile.com, a division of Thorne Communications and provider of mobile text message marketing (SMS) services, has once again signed on as a sponsor of Event Camp East Coast. Sponsored services will include pre-event alerts and promotions, as well as onsite updates and reminders.

One of the objectives of all Event Camps, and Event Camp East Coast in particular, is to learn how to engage event attendees in new ways,  Using PWPMobile.com mobile texting at this year’s conference will showcase how planners and sponsors can integrate this simple, widely available technology into their tradeshows and events.”

Mobile text message marketing is such an easy way to get audiences involved. Anyone with a cell phone capable of sending and receiving text messages can participate. We think everyone will enjoy seeing how it works in this live learning lab.”

Scan to join Event Camp East Coast 2011 mobile text message alert list (creates SMS message on your cell phone).

To join the list and receive messages prior to and during the event (usually 1 to 2 per week in advance and daily, activity-related messages while onsite), attendees will text the two keywords ALERTME  ECDC11 to 41513.

For those with smartphones that have a scanning app installed, a QR code has also been established which launches an SMS message; all the user has to do after scanning is hit Send to join the list. During the event attendees will get important updates and reminders about the program.

Mobile iPhone and Web App

Enhance your ECDC11 experience with our iPhone
and Mobile Web Apps!

  • View detailed
    information for each session
  • Add favorite sessions
    to your planner
  • Tune into the
    #ECDC11 tweets
  • Get real-time updates
    from event organizers
  • Share with your friends on FacebookÆ
    and LinkedIn



ChirpE Mobile Web App

  1. Open this email on your iPhoneÆ
    or iPad

  2. Click here
    to download from
    App Store.
  1. Open this email on your smartphone.

  2. Click here
    to load in your mobile

Platforms. One Solution.


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