Using Design as a Tool

During this session, participants shared their knowledge—as well as the gaps in knowledge—of how design can shape the effectiveness and success of events, especially trade shows. While a couple of participants said design was their forte, others had more limited knowledge. Continue reading

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Conflict Management and Negotiation

During the session on conflict management and negotiation, led by Carolyn Ray (@carolyn_ray), participants learned how to deal with a variety of personalities, and how to avoid conflict through pre-emptive problem-solving strategies.

Many of the participants agreed that while conflict is often perceived as a negative, it can result in communication that might not have happened otherwise. Effective communication can be used as a tool to avoid conflict before it arises. This means being specific, and making sure everyone who is involved in a project has a clear idea of what’s happening, and what is expected of them. When everyone is “on the same page,” it is easier to manage expectations, knowing that all parties are working toward a common goal. Continue reading

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Repackaging Conference Content

The knowledge and information that participants share during a conference should be the “golden thread” that keeps them in touch and working together after they go home, The Conference Publishers President Mitchell Beer (@mitchellbeer) told a breakout session on repackaging conference content. Continue reading

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Time, Tools, and Tactics: Addressing Planners’ Pain Points

Paige Buck (@paigeali) asked participants to discuss processes that “eat up time” for event planners. Participants listed items under the general category of information flow and tracking, such as an easier way to address banquet event orders (BEOs), or food orders, streamlining repetitive actions such as standard clauses in contracts and exhibitor forms, and receiving items like speaker lists and invoices in a timely way. Continue reading

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Integrating web and mobile technology at events

“The technology we use now is very different than 10 years ago,” said Sam Smith (@samueljsmith) of Interactive Meeting Technology, who led this session to discuss advances in technology for event planners. Continue reading

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Brain-friendly ways to keeping attendees engaged

Andrea Sullivan (@BrainStrength) of BrainStrength Systems asked participants how they felt about EventCamp™ East Coast so far.

One participant said he felt the event planners attending this conference were here to teach one another; another said she enjoyed hearing different perspectives from colleagues—she commented on the “rich quality of smart people sharing ideas.” Sullivan noted that brain-friendly means just that, getting people in an engaged state so they can explore synergies and new ideas. Continue reading

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Learning From Event Successes and Failures

This session was moderated by Carolyn Ray (@carolyn_ray)

Participants shared high and low points—their best and worst event planning moments during the session on learning from event successes and failures. The discussion focused on techniques participants had used to deal with issues in event planning, as well as to recover from challenging situations. Continue reading

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Participant-driven Events

During the session on participant-driven events, participants looked at strategies used to create events like EventCamp, focusing on the strengths, weaknesses, and interests of those involved as primary tools in planning the event.

Participants outlined their interests and stated what they would like to learn about the Unconference model, its success rate versus other models, the extent to which the democratic process of the Unconference works, and how to execute a participant-driven event “when participants aren’t very driven.” Continue reading

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Trade Show Layouts That Encourage Attendee Interaction

EventCamp™ participants gathered in a brainstorming session that focused on exploring alternatives to the conventional trade show row layout. Traci Browne (@tracibrowne), trade show and conference manager, and Owner of Red Cedar Marketing, shared her trade show design for the April 2011 Live Well Health and Fitness Fair in Philadelphia. Continue reading

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Advanced Social Media

Kiki L’Italien (@kikilitalien) of DelCor Technology Solutions asked participants to list discussion points about social media, then order them by rank. Participants expressed particular interest in monetizing event planning and maximizing return on investment (ROI), as well as gaming or game-layering. Other popular topics included tools for tracking, streamlining social media, videos, and QR codes—matrix barcodes that can be read by smartphones.

The group discussed Foursquare, a gaming website that allows users to collect points, prize badges, and coupons. L’Italien asked how attendees not registered on Foursquare could be engaged without accessing the game. A participant responded that late adopters or non-adopters could be a topic for another session. Continue reading

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