Why Some Events Sell Out and Others Don’t (2011 session notes)

Why Some Events Sell Out and Others Don’t

Facilitator: Traci Browne
Scribe notes: Sarah Vining

  • Make invitation only, first come first serve
  • Build the reputation and the people will come
  • Ego building, make them feel VIP by invitation only
  • Charge a lot or just charge; in general more likely to show up
  • Monday morning events, low attendance
  • Couple of people to decide that the event is brilliant, they’ll tell everyone (i.e. attendees who blog, video-blog, tweet from the event; hire 10 people to do it for your event)
  • “Celebrity” hit a blog on your event – you become lucky!
  • Events on Tuesday/Wednesday (due to travel) or Wednesday/Thursday (in-city event) creates bigger attendance
  • Holidays don’t make a difference in attendance if event has built reputation
  • People don’t register if they don’t get anything out of it
  • Do people attend for TSR? (Tradeshow romance) Should there be date night at these events?
  • Events where you’re matched by interests
  • Continuing education credits @ events
  • Back to traditional marketing (buying lists) to promote social media – lots of noise, explore marketing outside social media
  • Push content all year long – it’s about being lucky and catching someone’s attention
  • Does seeing session titles and speakers’ names drive attendance?
  • Media partners for events are responsible for promoting the event after it’s over
  • People can learn in the office, so content isn’t everything
  • Benefit of attending – key connections + face-to-face, but most events don’t make time for this.
  • Badges with keywords, what you want help with at your conference
  • Match-making with people who have common problems, e.g. sitting on a bus going to an event
  • Approaching bosses for permission to attend – are title of sessions necessary?
  • Why do people go to events? One ECDC reason: gorgeous men throwing axes (who knew?)
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