My Homework for Event Camp East Coast – Getting into the Right Mindset

Paul Cook of
Planet Planit

Drawing ever closer to Event Camp East CoastI felt that it was time to have a think about just what I could be getting myself into at this event.

After all, it is a peer conference and who knows what that really means?

But, I trust Traci and Adrian and I know that they will be doing their very best to make this a hugely rewarding experience for all participants.

I have carried out some of my own research and discovered that this event is not for the faint hearted.

There are no speakers as such and there are no set topics as that all happens on site when we arrive. There is no hiding away quietly and hoping that you will not be spotted. No, this is a full on immersive event in which many challenges will be discussed and shared amongst the group.

The opinion on how to solve a problem is not down to one speaker or even a panel of speakers but it is down to everyone involved in the discussion. So opinions will differ, people will have strong views and different experiences but that is good as the goal here to use the wisdom of the group as a whole.

In this kind of experience there has to be real honesty and trust and from what I understand this worked very well in 2010. There is homework to do as Traci and Adrian want us all to think about our challenges ahead of time.

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