My 3 Compelling Reasons for Going to Event Camp East Coast

Paul Cook of
Planet Planit
A simple post based on my personal feelings for taking the time to go to Event Camp East Coast 2011.Will I see you there?

In a few weeks time it will be the turn of Event Camp East Coast and Event Camp Vancouver to take to centre stage in the Event Camp world.

Now unfortunately, I cannot physically attend both as they take place over the same dates. But, due to a desire to link the two events for a small period of time, there will be an opportunity for participants in both ‘event camps’ to work together on the Sunday afternoon.

Anyway I am heading to Washington DC to the East Coast event. I know it will be good as the event planners ( Traci Browne and Adrian Segar ) were part of the original team that put the 2010 Event Camp East Coast together.  Read More…

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